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christmas gift guide


Christmas is tough! So keep it simple but strategic this year with our to the point gift guide- lovingly separated by group *COUGH COUGH* price tag:



You like them enough to get them a gift…but not enough to drop a month’s worth of rent for them, so keep it simple but fancy.


Small things tend to work well here. From a pair of our perfectly dangly ballchain earrings, buttery soft nappa leather gloves, or a graphic scarf andtee combo that just screams Instagram fodder.


Good things come in small packages is the key message here!

House of Holland

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House of Holland



Mum, best pal, partner- they know who they are! Your ride or die is your ride or die for a reason and obviously this loyalty needs to be rewarded with something substantial. So think investment piece- something that will stay with them forever, JUST LIKE YOUR BOND.


Jackets and bags should be your go-to. Pieces like our distressed denim jacket will add edge to even the most basic of outfits, and with new colourways of our iconic ‘Margot’ bag released for Resort 2019, you’ll have your pick from tonalblack andnavy calf leather to proper loud and out theresnakeskin print andbaby blue tartan.


And if you’re gifting a homebody, go with elevated lux leisurewear, so in the case they do get dragged out they won’t even need to change outfit.

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You know what they say. you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself. So show everyone you know just how much you care!


Make a STATEMENT in capital letters in one of our door-blocking oversized puffas, or head to toe tartan suiting.


And if you’ve blown your entire Christmas budget already buying for others, just make sure you drop some extremely well placed yet subtle hints onto the gift lists of your nearest and dearest.


Failing that just start a Gofundme - we dare you!

House of Holland

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STILL need more ideas?


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