House of Holland
House of Holland



 Cristina BanBan is a painter known for her colorful and figurative work depicting large human bodies and individual's narratives.

House of Holland
House of Holland

About me:

I paint a lot. I very often do a little dance while painting. I eat sticky rice and I like to find myself surrounded by turquoise, lemon, peach and scarlet red.


Age?  30


Sex?  Female


Location?  East London


Height?  Short


Religion?  Bread and butter


House of Holland
House of Holland

Who would you like to meet?

Clara Rockmore in one of her theremin concerts.


Who would be in your Top 8?

Eddie Martinez, Rose Wylie, André Butzer, Misaki Kawai, Tal R, Philip Guston, Delia Derbyshire and The Space Lady.


Who are your heroes?

You can read them above. 


 The T-shirt shop uses the designs from three of Cristina BanBan's paintings:

'Petra', 'Sam' and 'Lil'. 


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