House of Holland
House of Holland

Wake up, stand up, get out,

get laid, delete the number, regret it after,

be horny, be shy, try hard,

get fucked, make mistakes, shag mates,

sleep a little, chat a lot, lie a bit, kiss true,

have fights, say sorry,

love long, mean it, say it,

remember: breathe.

House of Holland

Cuddle up, charge your phone,

get going, get lost,

swipe right, dream lots,

worry… just enough.

Say no, say, yes. 

Hold hands, stick to plans.

Keys, wallet, phone


get trashed, shag great, be late.

House of Holland
House of Holland

Cling on, mess up, make amends.

Be loved, be hated,

forget your address, 

never stop making friends.

Tell him you love him,

tell her you miss her,

they’re the best thing since fucking sliced bread.

House of Holland


Have a gas, get lairy,

start a pension, lose direction.

Let shit hit the shitting fan.

Get out that door, feet on the floor.


Count the days.

Forget the minutes.

You’ve grown my moaning love,

you’ve grown.

House of Holland
House of Holland

arriving AUTUMN 2018


Poem by Max Wallis. 

Photography by Ben Parks 

Model videos filmed, directed and edited by Fenn O'Meally